Felted wool slipper boots Grey - organic wool felt boots - boiled wool shoes

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Product Description

Do you love sheepskin slipper-boots? These are also made of sheep, but those sheep are still alive!
Felted wool slipper boots with knitted boiled wool top. Felted wool clogs I make of organic undyed not chemically treated local sheep wool. 100% wool felt is breathable, provides natural insulation, keeps your feet warm and cozy.

- SIZE: this item is made to order. Write me, please, your usual shoe size when purchasing. Choose the equivalent of European size from the size chart given in picture 5. I will make such clogs for you in 10-15 days.

- COLOR I can make these clogs in brown, dark brown, gray, dark gray, white, beige and cappuccino -- choose your color.

- SOLES: I have natural rubber soling and rubber soling available -- mention that and I will make a custom order for you. Natural rubber soles cost 11 Euro in addition, rubber soles -- 8 euros.

Clogs are felted by hand using wet felt technology -€“ only olive oil soap and hot water is used in the process. Wool I use is from European sheep breeds, just shared, washed and carded. Undyed, not carbonized. ECO friendly materials straight from the nature.
It is believed that wool has a similar effect like acupuncture. Wool reduces pain, and inflammation, has body strengthening qualities. The strongest healing effects has natural rough wool which is not dyed.

Felted wool clogs, as well as other natural wool does not require washing. Wool naturally repels dirt, it is usually sufficient to air felted footwear for odors to disappear.
If necessary, wash clogs by hand or in a washing machine on wool or hand-washing mode, use detergent for wool. The clogs should be washed and rinsed in warm water of the same temperature, as felted things shrink because of temperature variations.
Shape washed slippers by hand (or put on and shape on foot) and leave to dry on absorbent surface such as a dry towel.

Felted wool slipper boots Grey - organic wool felt boots - boiled wool shoes

Handmade wool felt clogs, wet felt slippers, shoes, winter boots, cat caves

Handmade eco-friendly wool felted clogs, slippers, boots, leg warmers in this shop are made of organic wool – not chemically treated. Straight from the sheep – wool is just sheared, washed, carded and felted by hands.
Every pair is made on order to your exact requirements – especially for You.
Wear felted footwear – the feet are warm, and the sheep are intact!