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Mens shoes - Wool boots for men - Handmade Men's Shoes grey Men Shoes Travel Shoes Short Ankle Boots Felt handcrafted mens boots


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Felt boots natural gray black - felted winter wool boot valenki


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Children felted organic wool clogs just grey - felted kids slippers - eco-friendly children slippers - handmade felt wool clogs


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Felted Warmest Love Clogs - Felt organic merino wool neutral beige grey - felted slippers - handmade slippers valentines day gift


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Felted wool clogs brown with Lithuanian folk motives - hand felted eco slippers


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Boiled wool leg warmers brown - knit leg warmers - felted organic wool leggings


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Handmade wool felt clogs, wet felt slippers, shoes, winter boots, cat caves

Handmade eco-friendly wool felted clogs, slippers, boots, leg warmers in this shop are made of organic wool – not chemically treated. Straight from the sheep – wool is just sheared, washed, carded and felted by hands.
Every pair is made on order to your exact requirements – especially for You.
Wear felted footwear – the feet are warm, and the sheep are intact!